Jump Master made easier

Was Jump Master too difficult?
A practice training room and coin collect feature have been updated.

Clear all 3 levels of the training room to receive a whopping 70 ZEMS! 🙊
Bonus: there's coins scattered everywhere that you can collect 😉

Let's go become a real Jump 'Master' with the training room guide!




📗 Training Room Guide 📗


✍ The training room is created as a secret room, and you can invite a friend. Only the moderator can change the room settings.



✍ Remember the color and number of the stage you were playing in Jump Master, then choose it at the training room kiosk to practice!



✍ As a reward for clearing missions, there are an abundance of ZEMs, coins, and jump coins that have not been given before. (You can receive 70 ZEMs by clearing all 3 stages 🤩🙊)




Collect Coins!

💰 Collect all the coins that appear while you play Jump Master