PICKZ Magazine Editor, ZEDITOR!

Apply as ZEDITOR!

Hello, this is Zepetee, PICKZ Magazine Editor!

You guys are all aware of the ZPT Entertainment’s Global Audition PICKZ, in choosing IDOL group on their debut on Stage, right?
‘PICKZ’ audition stands for PICK YOUR Z(EPETO), which means users all around the world can pick whom to debut.
If they debut as IDOLs on PICKZ on 4th Dec, they can win 1M Coins, have a Debut on Stage and become a ZEPETO IDOL! Can’t wait for this!

But today I’d like to tell you more about ZEDITORS, who will cover PICKZ trainees’ stories. 
Firstly, ZEDITOR stands for PICKZ’s ‘Z’ and ‘Editor.’ So they are editors who will make contents about PICKZ Trainees’ daily lives & their behind stories and show them to the fans.


 ZEPETO’s Global Audition PICKZ, where everyone can join who wants to become ZEPETO’s first IDOL!_
Currently ZEDITOR announcement has been released. You can apply by making concepts you want as ZEDITOR, creating contents, then sending it to PICKZ Official Instagram(@zepeto.pickz)! https://www.instagram.com/p/B3becJjhEvc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link_


From now on, let’s take a look at PICKZ ZEDITOR’s whole process! I had an interview with PICKZ managers, and asked some questions you have been wondering about!

Q1. Why is there a ZEDITOR position?
A. ZEDITOR position was planned to have backs of PICKZ IDOL trainees and to have everyone united as fans. If you have any ideas of enjoying more of PICKZ Audition, apply as ZEDITOR!


Q2. What abilities should ZEDITORS have?
A. The number of followers are not that important. But, if you are a storyteller with creativity, and even editing skills, that would be perfect!

Q3. Tell us more about the contents when you apply for ZEDITOR!
Q4. You don’t think it only as an article. Instead, make it freestyle(picture/writing/videos etc) and you can also choose the topic you want!
For instance, imagine a group in a debut stage, interview current PICKZ trainees. Not only magazines, but news, diaries… diverse contents are all welcome! Make the story that you are confident in!

Q4.What rewards will ZEDITORS have?
A.ZEDITORS will have an official Editor badge on their ZEPETO Profile. And they will be rewarded with 10K Coins per one article. The well-made ones will be introduced on ‘ZEPETO GLOBAL AUDITION PICKZ corner’ and on ZEPETO Official Instagram(@zepeto.official)!

Q5. Can you apply for both IDOL & ZEDITOR?
A. You can apply for both and become both IDOL Trainee and ZEDITOR. But! If you are already selected as ZEDITOR, you cannot be the Final Winner.

Q6, Which language should you use when you make contents?
A. As PICKZ is a ZEPETO Global Audition, using English is recommended. But you can use Korean and Japanese as well. :)
If you are still curious about PICKZ & ZEDITOR, send us DM to our PICKZ Magazine account, @zepeto.pickz!

Thank you everyone for reading. This was Editor Zepetee, giving you the hottest news of PICKZ Audition news!