Paparazzi invade airport waiting for PINKZ!

Paparazzis wait for PINKZ to leave the plane to find out more about PINKZ's concert in seoul

Paparazzis are curious about the PINKZ show in seoul that will be held on new year's day and the members have revealed some information about how the show will be.

The show will be done outdoors to get a better view of the fireworks.

They will sing 4 songs and every two songs will have a 10 minute break for PINKZ members to hydrate and rest while talking to their fans.

Tickets will go on sale 2 weeks before the show.

Before the show ends there will be a competition and the 10 winners will be able to have autographs and take pictures with PINKZ.

All members said they are excited and training hard to create good memories with their fans.