DISCLAIMER: The aim of this content is to spread awareness on mental health issues and   it provides a message from the volunteered PICKZ trainees. Some of the stories might trigger you.

Good day, cuties! Our today’s topic is entitling ‘You Are Not Alone!

Some of the PICKZ Trainees has volunteered to join in an interview, and I prepared three questions for them!

DEMONS7X Joowon: I’ve never been bullied, but breakdowns happen when I get bad grades.

DEMONS7X Linh: I got bullied and had a breakdown after but sharing the story is too much.

JINN: Bullying is never ending chain and unfortunately many of us go through it in certain ways. I experienced it when I was just a child, just for being a kid that liked to study and being reserved.

SHAMROCK Zoe: I haven’t experienced to be bullied but I have mostly experienced mental breakdown. I won’t get into full details because it’s too personal to me but whenever I’m having mental breakdown I always suddenly just “snaps.” I most likely stop taking care of myself, avoids social events/interactions, and can’t handle the tasks of everyday life.

W/NDS Kino: I have been bullied during my junior high. I was often given those stares that made me question myself on what was wrong. Like what was wrong with me? I was mistreated and laughed at from time to time, and even pranked by a bucket of water being thrown at me. Because of this, I became really anxious whenever going to school, it made me skin crawl and all I wanna do was stay at home where no one would see me. I also had times where I would suddenly be really sad which ended up by crying myself to sleep.

LABELLE Sassy: I have been a victim of family abuse and bullied since I was little ‘til I graduated high school. My dad always hit me and my mom. When I was in grade 2 he left and I have been bullied for not having a father. It has been a trauma and affected me mentally and physically. I became unconfident and hid in my own shell. I had nightmares every night and never have a goodnight sleep then. Also my emotions are not stable. There was a time I can’t express my feeling toward something like a normal person.

WONDERLAND Roy: I have been bullied, well it was not that harsh, but it was still a type of being bullied. A bunch of kids used to make fun of me when I used to go to school in Canada; just because I was shy, and I was a different race as them.

WONDERLAND Maya: I went through breakdown when I first started to train at our entertainment. It was actually a hard time at first, going through all the troubles and obstacles that where, and still are in front of me.

YOUR ZEE: In our country, handling of mental health issues are really low because their knowledge about it is not enough. Some of our members in past have depression. That is because some felt no one care about them, broken family, and some won’t like to open their problem so it remained burden.

DEMONS7X Ash: Games and anime helped a lot.

DEMONS7X Joowon: I overcame this by distracting myself with friends and family, my girlfriend helped me a lot as well.

DEMONS7X Linh: I told the people that bullied me to stop or I’ll talk to someone in charge.

DEMONS7X Sanaz: I listen to music, watch anime, draw, or talk with my mom.

JINN: I never told anyone, it was a wrong action. But I think that the thing that helped me the most was doing the things I liked to do and that motivated me. Also, the warmth of my family kept me alive, "things can't get worse, because I have them" I was a positive kid.

LABELLE Sassy: Things get worse when I go to college due to stress. I cried at comedy and laughed at a sad story. I could feel something not right about me so I went to see a psychologic doctor. She said I was at the worst stage of depressed and have to take treatment from both medicine and therapist now. I have treat for 3 years and still drink my medicine till now. My emotions are stable and I’m not dreaming so often anymore. And I can concentrate better now.

SHAMROCK Zoe: Personally I overcome these problems by being out of the house. Having a new environment once in a while can definitely help me from all the thoughts inside my head. Keep yourself being preoccupied by something and surround yourself by people who, whenever you’re with them, you don’t feel bad about yourself. I also cry whenever my heart feels like it can’t take it anymore, it helps me a lot. I don’t know how others overcome them but that’s at least some things I do mine.

W/NDS Kino: I shut myself down and kept it all to myself. I had to pretend that I was okay in front of my friends and even my family members. Later on, I met a few people online and since they were complete strangers, I had the courage to tell them about mine. It surprised me. I didn't expect that they would listen to me, they didn't make fun of me and they didn't judge me for being myself. I was overwhelmed by it, that there were actually people that would like having me around and liked me for being who really am.         

WONDERLAND Roy: Some kind and nice friends in my class saw me staying all alone at class, and they came up to me, and that’s how I made new friends and overcame with it. I am really thankful for those friends right now.

WONDERLAND Maya: Now I learnt how to deal with my breakdowns, and the situations that stress me out myself; listening to healing music or even concentrating more into practicing.

YOUR ZEE: The way we overcome that problem is by increasing worship because God always listens to the prayer of his servant. We feel better after we pray.

DEMONS7X Ash: I think that if a person doesn’t care about you, you shouldn’t care about them.

DEMONS7X Hiro: You should find someone to listen to you, letting it all out really helps.

DEMONS7X Joowon: In a way, I think that reaching out to someone is best. Don’t bottle up everything and try to deal with everything yourself.

DEMONS7X Linh: I would ask the person if they’re okay and they can talk to me if they want. I’m the type of person to listen so they can tell me their problems.

DEMONS7X Mahsa: I would do anything to make that person feel better.

DEMONS7X Sanaz: First, I would calm them down and then talk with them to let them know that they are not alone.

JINN: The things that hurt you are transitory. What does not kill you...makes you stronger. I understand depression or anxiety isn't something that can go away easily, but we have to hold on, to keep fighting, to smile, to become stronger. We have each other...you are never alone.

LABELLE Sassy: To be honest I have help two of my friends from suicide and depression. My experience is that most people who are suffered from anxiety and depression, they just need someone to talk and listen to them without judging. It is already hard for them to tell you about their problems. Everyone is having their own limits so we can’t force them to think like you, that can only make them feel like an outcast and hide themselves even more. What we need to do is to make them feel safe and trusted when they are talking about it. Mental illness is a serious thing we need to know and how to treat people having that. I hope not only my friends but everyone can have a person they trusted to talk about. And remember, having anxiety or depression don’t make you a monster or some kind of diseases that need to isolate. It proves that you have a kind heart, and if you don’t have anyone, I would like to lend you my shoulders.

SHAMROCK Zoe: If you’re being in a toxic relationship or environment, don’t hesitate to get out of that hole. Find some healthy physical distractions in life (go to gym, do sports, etc.). Try new things you haven’t done before. Watch videos that would make you laugh even for a short while. Consult some professional help if possible. Take a break every once in a while. I hope some of these can help you even if it’s just a little. And to the people, try not to be rude to others, you don’t know what they’re experiencing in their life at the moment.

W/NDS Kino: At first, it may seem like no one would care but there is. There will always be one. People were born because they were needed and the reason why you're here is because people needed you. You have to believe in yourself. You will always matter because you're you. There will always be someone that would be there listening to you and will help you. You're not alone.

WONDERLAND Noah: It is always helpful for saying and telling the person that everything is okay. You know it's not a complicated thing to tell a person, but it always makes people feel better!

WONDERLAND Ella: I think it is really helpful by even only listening to what they say. It sometimes feels much better to express it out rather than just keeping it in yourself!


All of us have already felt being sad. However, if it is being hidden for a long time, it might be unhealthy for you. So you better reach out with your family and friends. The ZEPETO Community is also here, for you to make you feel better. Besides the entertainment of this game, it also allows interactions with different ZEPETO users. Cheer up, buddy! We are here!

I’m Mysteria Solitaire, the Kardashian Potato of ZEDITORS! I hope this magazine would make you feel better. See you next time! ♥

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YOUR ZEE: Our message to help people who have experience about anxiety or depression is you must know that God is always there next to you who really cares about you, so don't give up with the situation, try to solve it, or you can go to psychiatrist to talk about your problem. There is always a way to solve a problem. Try to discuss with your family or friends.