Hi, its KAE. I am here with the second volume of ZPT UP! This is a continuation of ZPT UP! VOL. 1. The question i have asked them is as follows:
" What is your/group's overall style and what makeup themes or colors do you usually find yourself using? " 

[ G-SICC ]

" G-SICC is one of the group that has a strongest concept. Our group identity concept is girl crush. Not just any girl crush, but the sweet and more elegant type of it. We will use makeup according to the concept. We keep our eyes light and simple. We use thin brush style eyeliner to fill in our eyeline as close as we can get. We prefer to fill in our lips with a gradiation of two lip liners or full lip liners. "


" Our group’s fashion style is actually very free and diverse. For our first audition we were aiming for rock style, wearing leather jackets and black pants. But we are now trying different fashion style for our future comebacks like 70’s retro fashion and would probably wear more diverse outfits in the future! For our first audition we used darker heavy tone makeups to match our rock fashion style that would give us the strong first impression. We might be switching to a lighter tone makeups soon for our future comebacks so stay tuned! "

[ SUPZ ]

" As you can see on our group profile photos, our main fashions are classy, ​​polite and a little cool. Most of us mix the clothes in the style of each member, Dustin is masculine with street style, Amber is elegant with elegant gentleman style, Mys is mature with the style of a luxurious lady and lovely Hit with a youthful and dynamic style. All of us when combined together will be a very new color. Speaking of make-up, our group has only 2 girls, and they are also the ones who make up the most. For Mys, an adult lady, Mys will make up a little bold, mainly on the eyes and lipstick color. And Hit, a lovely girl, Hit will make up softer, matching the image of a happy vitamin of the team. And Amber and Dustin, only use very lighttttttt lipstick ~ "


" We dress in clothes that make us feel confident! We don't stick to one style, we are open to all. As for makeup, we go for bold looks! "


" We usually dress in bright colors! We try to use any type of dreamy make-up that accordingly fits the concept-- face painting, lens etc. "

[ AR ]

*Due to the group not responding to me, I have decided to write down what i've seen from their overall style.*

Their fashion style screams streetwear! Their makeup is also light and can be considered as daily makeup. Combine both of those statements together and you'll get a neat outfit at the end!


" We are more likely to use anything related to Korean Style fashion. Same goes to our makeup! " 


" We use more classy clothes! For the makeup, we do it differently from each other but somehow we match to one another anyways. We make it to fit the characteristics of each members. "

[ GG7 ]

" We don't follow any specific style in clothes,because the style is different from song to other song. We try to match our makeup depending on the style itself. Some examples would be shiny, girl crush or pure. " 


" Our clothes are usually dark red or black colored. You can say its edgy themed. We try to match color wise. Everyone has their own makeup routine, we don’t match our makeup up. "


" We would like to call our style “weather”, because we decided to have a multiple concept ,where we can go from fresh and innocent style to crush and badass in an eye blink. For the makeup we would base our pallet on an Earth tones pallet since it have light fresh shades and dark smoky shades .
hecate and mike prefer to go pretty smoky , wiselike Beaora and Zach prefers to go fresh and playful. "


" We would like to present our group in a creepy but cute way. As for makeup we only need one word-- pink! "


" My style is a blend of “hard & soft”. Like for example camouflage pants with girly boots or bows in my hair, or a girly dress with a spike bracelet or gloves/fingerless gloves. Someone recently told me they thought my “signature look” was using black & white, and that’s true, I do love B&W and it definitely speaks to the “hard/soft” theme that I love. Black eyeliner! Lots and lots and lots of black eyeliner lol ...I do love dark red lips too. I usually keep my face neutral, not big on blush or contouring. For me it’s all about the eyes! "

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