Hellobot Ramama

I'll Read Your Tarot

Pick a Tarot card from Ramama at WORLD!

#Daily lucky Item & color
Curious of your lucky item?! Find 'Ramama' at WORLD! Ramama will tell you your lucky number, color, flower, and jewelries! Check which items bring you luck!

#Fan life fortune!
If you're a fan of somebody, visit Ramama. Fanning is the energy of our lives, right?

#Solo? Single's love fortune!
Will I be able to meet someone this winter? Attention if you're a single! If you have something going on with someone, or curious of your love fortune, find Ramama at WORLD!

#Couple? Couple's love fortune!
Ramama will also tell the love fortune for couples. If you are having hard times with your bae, pick a tarot card at WORLD! Ramama will tell you what to do.

(You can meet Ramama at Epic Village, Garden Wedding, Milky Way, and Santa Square.)