Rock N Roll!

We're back to introduce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, we introduce you a Map, which is the center of music&entertainment of World named <BJK TOWN (E3D97270)>! With the interview with the Map CEO 'JIHAJOO(HROU71),' are you ready to have fun with this Custom Map?

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hello, I am JIHAJOO, the CEO of KBK Management group. I love music and entertainment. I like listening to music, reading, and creating various media contents.

Q) What made you create the Map <BJK TOWN> and what's the concept of the Map?
I wanted to create a Map where you could enjoy entertainment and media. If we want something, I wanted to show we could create anything using ZEPETO's system. There will be nobody who will be able to imitate BJK's ideas!

Q) Is there an attraction point in this Map?
The most attractive spot would be the company building designed by me. Inside the building, there are  a lot of facilities like dance practice room, studio, cinema, and cafe. Don't forget all these facilities are self-designed!

Q) Was there any joyful moments while creating?
The most fun thing was that we were creating our own masterpiece. By using diverse objects, stocking up a high building was also exciting.

Q) Is there your special tip in creating a Custom Map?
I sketch beforehand, then create the Map!

Q) Any last words to say?
Everyone is welcome in <BJK TOWN>. Please visit and cherish all the experiences and fun times you can enjoy here.