OWL's chaos park

My Old Secret Place

We're back to introduce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, we introduce you a Map, which reminds us of secret play grounds when we were young: <OWL's chaos park(1F40525E)>! With the interview with the Map creator 'OWL(1G5U84)',' are you ready to go for treasure hunt with this Custom Map?

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hello, I have been playing ZEPETO for a year now. I enjoy trying out items, and dancing together in Photobooth. I usually play at Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday evenings(JST).

Q) What made you create the Map and what's the concept of the Map?
The concept as you can imagine from the Map's name is 'CHAOS place' itself. I like climbing up and flying down, so I wanted to reenact the memories when I used to play at old houses or secret places when I was young.

Q) Is there an attraction point in this Map?
You'll have much fun when you slide down at the slope and half five. How about finding treasure chests and collecting them?

Q) Was there any joyful moments while creating?
There are different moments in playing the Map in PC and Smartphones. Especially in colors, or the appearance of objects, so I have to re-check it at smartphones. At that moment, when I find out that it's the same as I imagined, I feel happy!

Q) Is there your special tip in creating a Custom Map?
It's hard creating objects with heights, so I create it first flat, then rotate everything afterwards. That's much easier.

Q) Any last words to say?
I already created 7 more Maps. Among them, I want to devleop OWL GARDEN, Treasure hunt and Parkhour park more.