Downtown Arm Wrestle Event

Who's the champion?

[EVENT] Downtown Arm-Wrestle Champion 💪

1. How to Join
At Downtown's Arm Wrestle Arena, complete one of the missions below & Upload a new post! Coins will be rewarded randomly!
Hashtags to include: #Downtown_Champion
Event Maps: Downtown, Downtown(Night)

* Missions*
- Top Champion: Win arm-wrestle 10 times in a row
- Top Creative: Upload a photo/video of armwrestling in a 'fun' way!

2. Event Period
Participation: 11th FEB(Tue) ~ 17th FEB(MON)
Announcement: 18th FEB(Tue)

3. Rewards
10 TOP Champions: 10K Coins each
10 TOP Creative: 3K Coins each