PICKZ Concert Event

Join the concert&Win goods🎤

Stage Map is renewed as a concert hall for PICKZ event. With the exciting music and under the fancy lights, shall we grab PICKZ light sticks under music?

You may find PICKZ concert live around the Stage map. Secret: Your PICKZ finalist may come to the Stage Map!

Here's a way how to win the special "PICKZ Goods!"

▶ How to Join
1. Make posts with the atmosphere of PICKZ concerts at renewed Stage Map.
2. Upload posts with #PICKZCONCERT hashtags!

▶ When 
Event Period : 21th FEB(Fri) ~ 8th MAR(Sun)
Winner Announcement : 3rd week of March"
▶ Rewards
30 Goods for PICKZ

(* Stage Map - PICKZ concert renewals are available until 11th March.)


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