Tree Town

Town above trees 🏡

Time to introuce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, we introduce the wonderful town above trees: <Tree Town(BB4C8B18)>! Time for travel with the interview of map Creator どり(PSULX3)!

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hi, This is どり[DORI]. I'm not used to the interaction with other users, but a big fan of ZEPETO. Hope to be friends with you. Nice to meet you!

Q) What made you create the Map?
I have a great interest in architecture, and used to think of a chance to make a building or street of my dream. ZEPETO is a great chance for me to make my dreams come true!

Q) Is there an attraction point in this Map?
The main concept of the map is 'Town above Tree'. I took great care for the roads above, so please enjoy it. The attraction point may be the view outside rather than interior inside.

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment as you create the Map?
I used to rebuild the whole map in every update, and that was a hard point. Oh, and the placement of library. But the view from the highest point was satisfying. The whole moment of actualizing my dream was great!

Q) Are there any tips for creating the map?
Imagination is important. Look at the picture, imagine deeply, and think of how to actualize it.

Q) Do you have any Custom Map idea you want to create later?
Modern buildings, or complicated building to enjoy the outside view from inside. And maybe fantasy map, though it'll be hard.

Q) Please tell us the last one message!
Thank you for loving my map. I love watching your maps in WORLD, and always discover them. Never give up though it is hard, and carry on. It's going to be better. I'm looking foward your maps!


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