Fishing King Challenge

[EVENT] World Fishing King 🐟

Challenge for World Fishing King and get coins! Join the World fishing event: Fishing King Challenge!

▶How to Join
Achieve the mission below and upload the post. Coins will be rewarded to random participants!

*hashtag to include : #WORLD_FISHING_KING
*event map(day/night both) : Cherry Garden, Sacred Pond, Epic Village, ZEPETO PARK, Beach Town

※ Mission ※
- Fishing King(15) : Complete <Fishing is my type> Collection
- Fishing Challenger(15) : Create the contents for topic 'Fishing'

Event Period : 2nd MAR(Mon) ~ 9th MAR(Mon)
Winner Announcement : 10th MAR(Tue)

-Fishing King(15) : 5K Coins each
-Fishing Challenger(15) : 5K Coins each


Enter WORLD Now! (Cherry Garden)

Enter WORLD Now! (Sacred Pond)

Enter WORLD Now! (Epic Village)


Enter WORLD Now! (Beach Town)