ZEPETO Station

Lively Subway Station!

“This stop is Hongik Univerity, Hongik University Station”
Here comes Subway Station Map in World! Why don't we visit the subway station which exactly looks like Korean Subway Line No.2?

Look at some people who are busking at the platform. What a lively station! How about enjoy the music and post it to share with your friends?

If you are hungry, go to the convenience store and buy some snacks. You can get Ramen, ice cream, Kimbap, and so on. And I'll tell you a top secret… you can get a bunch of money behind the counter!

The subway is arriving soon! Hold the handle tightly so that you won’t fall down. Oh, I guess that person is getting off. Luckily the seat is yours! Don’t forget to send message to your friends that you’re almost there!


Enter WORLD Now! (Subway Station)