❁ Sugar Land ❁

Custom map Contest Special Interview

Time to introuce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, our special guest is the champion of Sugar Land Custom map Contest, <❁ Sugar Land ❁(426B276E)>! Time for the sweet sugar land tour with creator "해슬(TLGOMM)" and Fluffy friends!

Q) Congratulations for 1st Prize! Please introduce yourself!
Hi guys! I'm creator '해슬', and you may also know me as the creator of cumtom map <Photo Booth>!

Q) What is the main concept of <❁ Sugar Land ❁(426B276E)>, the reason for map creating?
The main concept is the sugarland made and operated by our Fluffy friends!
<Photo Booth> was created in limited area & theme, and I wanted my <❁ Sugar Land ❁> map also has the natural photo spot, with bigger area!

Q) Is there an attraction point in this Map?
Definitely Fluffy friends! These Fluffy friends are working, roaming aroud the street, driving cars, and enjoying the whole map! Creating Fluffy friends and their charming point was a fastinating work. I really hope you try making your own chararters in your custom map!

Q) How long did it take to create the map?
About 12 days! I thought creating map with one topic or concept would be easier, but to check out saparate parts matching the concept took a long time than I expected.

Q) Are there any tips for creating the map?
I am a big fan of the creator interviews that come out every week, and the most memorable part was sketching the map on the paper first. This time I tried that tip, and it was much better! You should really try this when you create your own map!!

Q) Please tell us the last one message!
After several updates, I really want to create the map full of minigames. And my friends who always rush to my new map, and post it beautifully, Thank you so much every time!! I'll do my best for your character's best shots. Thanks again!


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