Abandoned Jade Garden

Beautiful Green Garden

Time to introuce the best Custom Map of the week!

<Abandoned Jade Garden (8F0AAED9)> this week! Time to meet the luxury Jade Garden with the creator "Deleana(FVF1F4)" 

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hi, my name is Deleana. I am currently in my last semester at university. I enjoy dancing, singing, videography, photography, travelling, BTS and TXT.

Q) What the reason for map creating?
I don't really feel like making one at first. I'm just curious but when I open the build it app, it somehow reminds me of the main software I use for my studies. So I give it a try.

Q) What is the main concept & attraction point in this Map?
The concept is about an abandoned garden most likely to be owned by a super-wealthy family or something like that. The attractive point is the building material is made from jade and gold to make it looks like a luxury abandoned garden.

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment as you create this Map?
At first, I completely ignore the building construction. So when I test the building, it collapsed into pieces. That was the funniest :) 
The hardest thing is I have to reconstruct the whole building, as if I was making a real building construction. (basic one, not like real building frames or structural concrete construction things)

Q) Please tell us the last one message!
Spread love and supports!


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