How to use Observation Mode (1)

Make/Enter Room

"Observation Mode" now available in ZEPETO World!
No need to walk around, let me tell you how to look around and chat with Observation Mode!

▶Make Observation Mode room
Push "Create a room" button in World lobby, and choose "Observation Permission". Choose "Allow", make Public Room, and Observation Mode room is here!

▶Enter Observation Mode room
Push Search button(magnifying glass shape) or the map you want to enter in World lobby. In "Filter" tab, choose "Allow" in Observation Permission and apply.
You can enter room that "Observation" is included in the name, and choose Participant/Observer!

You can also invite user from the Follower/Following list of right upper site. Won't we invite our friends to take ZEPETO Drama, or funny broadcast? Don't miss "How to use Observation Mode (2)", with introduction for changing observation view!


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