How to use Observation Mode (2)

Change Observation view

In Observation Mode, you can choose "Participant View" or "Drone Cam".
Choose the mode and look around or chat with users!

▶ Participant View
You can look around in the view of other "Participant" user. Push the arrow button in right botton site, and the view is changed to other Participant user. Push the human shape button in left upper site, touch camera button next to user name of [Participant List], and you can choose the view of specific user!

▶ Drone Cam
You can fly around freely with "Drone Cam"! Push the round button with ZEPETO image in right bottom site, and you can turn to Drone Cam.
Move drone with the pad of left bottom site, and scroll the screen to change view! You can take pictures/movies with camera button. Touch drone shape button of left bottom site to make drone invisible!

To move to Participant, touch human shape button of left upper site and push "switch to Participant" button.
Now, shall we enjoy ZEPETO World with the new "Observation Mode"?


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