New Classroom map!

Time for Lunch Break

"I miss my friends!"
Gather with friends in ZEPETO World new map : Classroom2!

4th Period : Science class! It's always amazing to be in Science Room with big globe and colorful beakers~ Sit down, time for experiment in team! Shake the beaker, but don't get hurt! Get your laptop in teacher's platform for experiment tips~

Time's up, Lunch Break! Run to the cafeteria, Get in line! Hamburger, fried shrimp, fried rice omelette.. what's today's pick? Bring your dishes and share with your friends!

Snack bar of course, after lunch! You get the icecream, I'll get the drink~ On your way back class, chat with your friend next door sitting in bence. Don't forget to bring your instrument from locker back in the classroom~


Enter WORLD Now! (Classroom2)