My own Fashion Show

Time to introuce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, <Linerunway (9FA627AB)>! Let's open my own fashion show with the inverview from creator "Linera(MG1CY4)"!

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hi, I'm ‘Linera’. I'm Ice cream & cat lover & interested in fashion and making video!

Q) What the reason for map creating?
The biggest reason is because I really like to build something! And I was wondering how it would like to be, to play in WORLD I made.

Q) What is the main concept & attraction point in this Map?
The concept is Fashion Festival! I was inspired by my college event, full of  fashion show and booth. We showed our best project in fashion show & art exhibition.
The attractive point is we can make the fashion show according the theme that we want. It's like a dream to having a fashion stage, showing our fashion project and being a fashion designer. ( a model too!) ✨

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment as you create this Map?
It took time to get used to move object,  so suddenly the object became bigger than the character & even the object was flying ! It was the funniest moment.
Hardest moment was..the map almost completed is gone, without saving it because of connection. I almost cried 😂 When I rebuilt it, I always click 'Save'. Or maybe this is the funniest? 

Q) Are there any tips for creating the map?
Create it with your heart. Think of the theme first, sketch on paper, and make a memorable name. If you get an idea, note it! :)

Q) Please tell us the last one message!
I got a new friends, maybe a 'real' friends now in Zepeto. We met for several times and it was so fun! :)
Thank you for choosing me as creator! I already have a plan to create the map with different theme. Hope you like it :)


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