Llamama Episode

[EVENT] Tarot with Lucky coins

DId you hear that Llamama's Tarot is surprisigly accurate?
Join Llamama event that you can enjoy tarot cards and also get lucky coins 🍀

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Post "Episode" which was perfect match for Llamama's tarot cards. You'll get 🍀 Lucky Coins 🍀

* Hashtag to include: #Llamama_Episode
* Maps with Llamama(Day/Night): Epic Village, Garden Wedding, Milky Way, Classroom, Ocean Cruise

▶ When
Event Period: 9th Apr (Thur) ~ 15th Apr (Wed)
Winner Announcement: 17th Apr (Fri)

▶ Rewards
7777 Coins each to 20 participants 


Enter WORLD Now! (Epic Village)

Enter WORLD Now! (Garden Wedding)

Enter WORLD Now! (Classroom)

Enter WORLD Now! (Milky Way)

Enter WORLD Now! (Ocean Cruise)