ZEPETO Coloring (Feat.Color Picker)


Do you all know about 'Color Picker,' one of ZEPETO's new functions? 

In home screen, tap Face, then you will see the rainbow circle at your bottom right.

Tada! 'Color Picker' is something that enables you to change colors on all parts of your face! I just changed my hair into mint, how do I look?

There were many ZEPETO users who used Color Pickers for unique decoration on in★


changed hair into fluorescent colors, and made great looks!


changed all hair, eyebrows, and even make-up! Did you all know you can also change the colors of your eyelashes?


used the haircolor of Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid!


mixed well the orange and yellow colors! The colors of the lenses fit well! Aren't they adorbs?


changed the whole fae into green from 'Shrek!' These two even have the same facial expressions!


Next, this is a work based on Sadness from a movie 'Inside Out.' You can see the whole blue, and well-matched glasses from the user(@candy.candyzpt)!


Navy resembles the universe. Look at the work of this user who matched the skincolor and freckles as stars!


Have you watched the movie 'Corpse Bride?' The purple colored-bride is more scary in ZEPETO WORLD's Spooky Classroom! Check the work of this user!

How were the works using Color Picker?

Let's all make different works with Color Pickers! Yay!