Hanami Festival Maze

Cherry blossoms in Maze

Time to introuce the best Custom Map of the week!

This week, <Hanami Festival  Maze (CA95C1CE)>! Let's visit Cherry blossom Festival in Maze with the inverview from creator "Hana(HX66TM)"!

Q) Please introduce yourself!
I'm Hana you can call me flower if you like (❀´▽`❀)*✲゚*♩♪♩♬. I love writing poetry, blogging positive reminders, watching animation, and cute things!

Q) What the reason for map creating?
My love for cherry blossoms was the biggest inspiration! It is my dream to go to Japan and experience cherry blossoms with my special someone. I find it romantic, and I want to share this lovely place to everyone!

Q) What is the main concept & attraction point in this Map?
The concept is traditional flower festival in Japan, especially showing cherry blossoms. The biggest attractive point of my map is the center of the maze where the biggest cherry blossom tree is located designed with lights and a picnic below. The maze I added for fun can be a challenge to make it to the center. You can also play hide and seek!

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment as you create this Map?
Making the maze with uneven blocks was the hardest thing.  (๑-﹏-๑) The funniest thing would be that I forgot to delet the spawn point, so I kept falling down over and over haha. But don't worry, I fixed it!

Q) Are there any tips for creating the map?
Share the beautiful place inside of our mind. Our imagination is a great tool because it is limitless. If you strive hard you can make something out of it. If you really want to so don't give up! Be patient, everything takes time.

Q) Please tell us the last one message!
I hope y'all will enjoy my custom map! It's close to my dream and I'm sharing my dream with you. Please heart it and feel free to give a feedback. I'm sure all of you have the same feelings as I do, that wanting to connect to people who are far from us and I thank Zepeto for connecting us. 


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