Brooklyn Apartment

Dream House

Time to introduce the best Custom Map of the week!!!

This week, <Brooklyn Apartment (117CE975)>! Why don't we take the aesthetic picture in a homey apartment with the interview of creator "Eli (Z1DA28)"?

Q) Please introduce yourself!
Hi, I am Eli ^^ I am currently a high school student. I will be studying game design/art in my university this upcoming semester. I love playing video games and watching dramas >//< 

Q) What is the reason for map creating?
I have never thought of creating my own map(s) until I visited other custom maps made by other users. I was so inspired by them and I wanted to try it myself. Besides, due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, my school is closed since February, so I have nothing to do at home. Creating maps keeps me busy during this quarantine. 

Q) What is the main concept & attraction point in this Map?
I wanted to create a map for other ZEPETO users so that they may do things like take aesthetic pictures, while hanging out with friends in a homey apartment. 
The attractive point of my map is the landscaping. Seeing the view through the picture window does make you think you're in a skyscraper in NYC.

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment as you create this Map?
It took me around a week to create this map. I think the hardest part was trying to make everything in scale, and I still struggle with it. I often make things too big when resizing the object. At first, everything is too big, its like the furniture was made for a giant! Then I have size everything down, I spent lots of time trying to make everything in scale. 

Q) Are there any tips for creating the map?
Taking the first step is always very important! Your initial project might not be perfect, but learning through the process is very important. Also, personally speaking, jotting down ideas is very important too. Ideas always pop up unintentionally, you might forget it later (I always forget). >_< You don't need a fancy  journal, using your phone is also good enough :D

Q) Please give us one last message before we end!
Thanks for choosing my map as the map of the week. I also want to thank every single ZEPETO user for supporting me and my work <3 Please stay safe, stay creative. I hope I will able to meet you guys in ZEPETO World! 


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