New World Lobby

World for me!

Proud to announce that the World lobby has been redesigned~ 
I will tell you about some of the new features in the World lobby and how to use them. World lobby is a place where users can experience new maps to enjoy, creators to follow, and meeting new friends to play with. 

▶Find a map for me
If you check the [Find map for me] tab, select a keyword that would be associated with the kind of map you would like to experience. If you choose keywords such as 'Hot map /Hall of Fame /Jump map', it will recommend the maps that is the most suited for your tastes or preferences! 

▶Search / Create a Room! 
Click on the magifying glass looking icon located on the top right-hand side of the World lobby. In the [Search] window, you can search for 'map name', 'map code', 'character name', and 'character code', so you can easily find new friends to play with or meet your best friend! 

What if there is no room you want to enter? No worries, you can click the + button at the top right-hand side of the World lobby and [Create a Room]. The [Invite Friend] function also allows you to create a room by inviting your friends of your choice has been added as well. Don't forget to try out these new functions! 

▶ Hot Creators
If you want to experience awesome custom content from amazing creators, such as experiencing great custom maps, why don't we check out recommendations from [Hot Creators]? Visit the section and then see all the creator's maps in once place and if you decide you think a map is amazing, you can bookmark them for easy access. Tap to bookmark and become a follower! 

▶ Online Friends
You can easily check if your friends are online by looking at their status in the [Online Friend] list in the World lobby. When a friend comes online , there will be a green status or icon next to their names. When a friend is already in a World or hanging out in a room, you can easily join their session by pressing the 'Join' or 'Observe' button.

Enjoy the newly redesigned World lobby today! Find the World that is the perfect fit for you!