Favorite Map Video Competition

[EVENT] First Favorite Map Competition

Why aren't you in this map..? Please introduce us to your favorite map that's too good to play in alone. The winning video will be featured in the World lobby 'For You' section and will be shared with users all over the world!

▶ How to participate
Please upload a video of you playing in your 'Favorite Map' as a feed post!
* Required hashtag: #FavoriteMap
* Qualifying maps: Offical Maps and Creator Maps (Creator Maps - must include Map code)
* Video requirements: 30 seconds ~ 1 minute / 1060 * 692  ratio (or 16:9) / Include 'English subtitles' when inserting subtitles / content is up to you

▶ Reward
Official Map - 4000 coins for 25 people
Creator Map - 4000 coins for 25 people
※ Grand prize video: Registered in the 'For You' section of the World lobby

▶ Schedule
Duration: 7/21 (Tues) ~ 7/29 (Wed)
Result announcement: 7/31 (Fri)

▶ Notes
* Non-qualifying maps: Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, Yumi's Cells, Snoopy House
* If the size of your watermark or subtitles in the video are too big, you may be disqualified from winning
* Coin rewards are paid to only one representative
* Videos can be used for ZEPETO marketing purposes