Creator Map Contest


New Creator Map Contest!
Create a map that contains your own story with the <Twenty Twenty> themed objects!
From drama to roleplay to vlog! Players who will add their special touch to a wonderful map are welcome too!

▶ How to participate

Please create a creator map containing the best Roleplay space!
*Required condition
-Use <Twenty Twenty> themed object
-[roleplay], [event] keyword included

In contest maps, show your own version of play such as drama, story roleplay, or vlog on your FEED!
(You can check participating maps in the [Creator Map Contest!] list in the World Lobby!)
*Required condition
-#Creatormap_Contest #Playlist tag included
-In FEED, show the contents of a Contest Map and add the map code of the map you played

▶ Event period

Participation period: 8/20 (Thu) ~ 8/30 (Sun)
Announcement of results: 9/1 (Tue)

▶ Reward

Grand Prize (1 person): 30,000 coins & special interview
Excellence Award (9 people): 10,000 coins

Prize (30 people): 3000 coins

**Only maps and feeds registered before 8/30 (GMT+9) 23:59 will be accepted for contest participation.

Go to build it!