Daily Quest Guides

Photo Quest TIPS

Are you having a hard time with Photo Quests? Then here are some tips for you. Let's try 'Taking a selfie with 3 friends of opposite gender.' 

The most important thing in a Photo Quest is, when you turn on the camera, 'locate the object INSIDE the rectangular area!' Find 3 characters of your opposite gender, and take a photo following this rule. If you are located outside the rectangular area, or take a shot of a remote object, the quest will not be completed. So please keep these in mind when you are performing Quests!

If you have completed the Quest, Rewards are ready for you. Go back to the Quest pop-up, and tap [Receive]. Then you have completed in receiving your rewards. If you are ready, let's go to WORLD and complete all the Daily Quests! It will be so much fun!