Secret Hideout

Creator map Contest Special Interview

The Creator Map Contest Special Interview!

Let us introduce <Secret Hideout(67588BB5)>, which won the grand prize in the PLAYLIST map contest. Let's get to know the map Creator. "유니(Z00WE2)"!

Q) Congratulations on winning! First of all, please introduce yourself.
Hello! I am Yuni and I'm a ZEPETO map creator. I enjoy making clothes and maps! Thank you to all ZEPETO users who enjoyed my map❤

Q) How long did it take to create the map?
It took about 3 days!

Q) What is the concept of the <Secret Hideout(67588BB5)> map?
The concept of this map is a small house where you can comfortably spend time alone. I put a lot of cute props and put a lot of attention on object placement!

Q) What is the biggest attraction of the <Secret Hideout(67588BB5)> map?
Perhaps the way in which users transport from room to room. I wanted to have fun using the Joke Box object to move to another room!
I hope users will enjoy the unique charm of each room and the passages to the other rooms!

Q) Did you find anything interesting or difficult while participating in the contest?
It was fun to place cute objects and props! It was a bit difficult to create a map with a house for the first time, but it was a very enjoyable activity!

Q) Do you have any tips for creating a Creator map?
I recommend turning off "Align" and making a map! If you turn off "Align", you can create everything you can imagine from the objects in BuildIt!

Q) Is there another Creator map you would like to create next?
This time, I tried out making a house, so next time I want to create a city full of houses, cafes, shops, etc.!

Q) Please leave us with a last word!
I think ZEPETO is a really fun alternate world. Like me, you can create something yourself through BuildIt or ZEPETO Studio! You'll be able to bring your ideas to life~


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