[Season 1] Build it Reward?

This is an event prepared by Billdy to cheer on Creators who make fun and cool maps!


Season schedule

  • Awards Ceremony : 2020.11.04 15:00:00
  • 2020.10.07 15:00:00 – 2020.10.28 14:59:59 (GMT +9 standard for 3 weeks)
  • *Ranking will be reflected in real time and reward payment will be decided in the final place at the end of the season.


Participation criteria

  • All creator maps released until the end of the season will automatically entered!
  • Maps that were already released before the season period are also eligible for automatic participation!


Wait, you have no created maps?

  1. Install Build it to computer! (Download Build it)
  2. Make a Creator map on Build It!
  3. Reveal created map!


Evaluation standards

  • 20 most popular creator maps (TOP 20 popular during the season)
  • *The ranking is automatically determined by summarizing all factors related to popularity throughout the season!


Amazon.com eGift Card ($3560) 

  • TOP 1: $420
  • TOP 2: $335
  • TOP 3: $250
  • TOP 4~5: $210
  • TOP 6~8: $190
  • TOP 9~11: $165
  • TOP 12~14: $140
  • TOP 15~16: $125
  • TOP 17~18: $110
  • TOP 19: $95
  • TOP 20: $85

Billdy's TIP!
Do this to reach the TOP 20!

TIP 1. WIth friends

  • Create a map where you can play games like Jump and Escape with friends, or a map where you can take pictures and chat!

TIP 2. Thumbnail

  • Create a thumbnail that will draw attention!
  • (You can create within Build it)

TIP 3. Introduction

  • Introduce it to your friends in a post!
  • It's also nice to tag the map code to make it easier for friends to find your map.

TIP 4. Update

  • Update your map for easier and more fun play!
  • This will help its popularity.


  • Individuals who have been selected in the final TOP 20 will be contacted through DM.
  • If you do not contact us for 5 days after the reward is announced, your prize will be revoked.
  • Rewards are paid in the form of digital gift cards.
  • All interpretation rights of this activity are reserved by ZEPETO.
  • The tax from rewards will have to be paid separately from recipients.
  • Maps that violate community guidelines may be excluded from the review.
  • Maps that violate community guidelines, maps that may infringe on IP, etc. may be excluded from the ranking.
  • If a minor member is elected, the consent of the legal representative must be confirmed.
  • 'E-mail' information is required to receive TOP20 products.
  • If you participated in the previous season's Build It Reward but did not win, you can re-engage.

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