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Creator map Contets Special Interview

Creator Map Contest Special Interview!

This week, let me introduce <JUMP Tower(DE173688)>, Grand prize map of MY Jump map contest. Jump around building rooftops downtown with interview of creator "Parker(AM1SZF)"!

Q) Congratulations on 1st Prize! Please introduce yourself!
Hello! I'm Parker and I am a map creator on Zepeto World. I have a passion for architectural design, digital art, and engineering. I hope my works can inspire others to build designs of their own!

Q) How long did it take to create the map?
The map took three days to make, with several hours of work done on each day.

Q) What is the main concept of <JUMP Tower(DE173688)>?
My map, JUMP Tower, is a jump course inside a massive skyscraper in the heart of the city. There are 5 different rooms on the lower level of the building and 1 final room with the huge ascent to the top. With glass windows on every wall, visitors are constantly immersed in a city-like atmosphere.

Q) Do you have any tips to play your Map?
One tip I have is to have patience when playing my map. Many people may have trouble completing obstacles and give up very quickly. Just keep trying and you will be able to complete JUMP Tower!

Q) What was the funniest/hardest moment of participating in the contest & making the map?
The hardest moment when creating the map for the contest was trying to make an obstacle course with the new Jump Stadium theme in Build It. It was a new theme I had never seen before and I have not created any obstacle course before. It was a new challenge for me.

Q) What is your main reason for making Creator Maps?
I make Creator Maps because I like having the opportunity to show off my creation to many Zepeto users. Making Creator Maps is a great way to show the public my skills in art and architecture and provide a fun, interactive experience for visitors.

Q) Are there any tips for creating maps?
One tip I have for making Creator Maps is to use the "cube" objects often. They are fundamental building blocks for any custom structure in Build It. Another tip I have is to turn off the "Align" button at the top of the application when needed, as it is very helpful when making exact measurements of objects. Finally, try to use the entire space of terrain in the map. Don't leave empty space!

Q) Please leave us one last message!
I am thinking of creating a custom water park with water slides, new modern mansion, a temple, another jump map and more in the future. There are so many possibilities!

I am thankful for World because that is where I have met all of my friends. One of my favorite contents from ZEPETO World is having fun interactive games like the Toy Story shooting game or Ski Jump because I can compete with friends and get rewards for high placement on the leaderboards. ZEPETO World is an awesome place to make friends, hang out, and have fun. My world is ZEPETO World!


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