<Light Embracing Korea> Creator Map Contest

Create a beautiful map of Korea, and be rewarded!

An attractive night view of Korea

Make a Creator Map in build it of Korea surrounded by flashy lights.

'Use the 'KOREA' theme to show the current Korea, or even imagine Korea 100 years in the future!

The Creator of the most popular map will also be rewarded.

Show off your map to attract users!


🇰🇷 An attractive night view of Korea


Get to know Light Embracing Korea

Korea is famous all over the world for having cities, such as Seoul, with beautiful night views!

In order to create a beautiful night view, a harmony of various lights and lighting is essential.

Please show off the beautiful night view of Korea that you think of in build it!


🏆 Award Information

The prize-winning works may be used in materials to promote Korea in the 'Korea Tourism Organization'.

Grand Award $1,290 (1 person)

Excellence Award $260 (2 people)

Encouragement Award $85 (4 people)

(Winners will be notified separately regarding the payment of the prize. Please check the rules and policies for details.)


📅 Schedule and selection criteria


  • Contest: November 13 (Fri) ~ December 3 (Thurs) (Total 21 days) 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Announcement of results: December 7th (Mon)
  • Prize payment date for winners: within 5 days from the date of announcement of results

Selection criteria

The winners are selected by scoring the following 3 conditions, so please keep in mind!

  • Popularity: Considering the number of visits and votes, the higher the score, the better!
  • Completeness: The more complete the map, the higher the score!
  • Subject suitability (important): Determine whether it suits 'Light Embracing Korea' and calculate the score.

The detailed schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances of ZEPETO. Judging is based on the internal standards of the ZEPETO team.


📝 Production and application instructions

  1. Download build it and install it on your PC

  2. Use the 'KOREA' theme in build it to create a map suitable for 'Light Embracing Korea'

  3. Make sure to select #Korea in the map release. (important)



  4. When you're done, ask for a review.

  5. When the review is over and released to ZEPETO WORLD, the application is complete!

  • Reviews can take a certain period (1-3 days)! Please be patient.
  1. Don't forget to show off your maps to your friends!


🔍 Eligibility to apply

Global Creator


🆘 Details

I want to know more about how to do it!

Things to Know! (Regulations and Policies)

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