[ZEPETO build it] Sweet Date Map Contest

Make a Creator map to enjoy a sweet date in!

Will you go on a date.. with me?

Prepare a sweet date for this upcoming Valentine's Day!

Café, dessert shop, anywhere is good! Make a heartfelt Creator map for your date!

Those who make the best map will be rewarded!


🏆 Award Information

🥇  BEST CREATORMAP (1 person): 200 Zems


🎖  Popularity Award (5 people): 100 Zems


📅 Schedule and Screening Criteria


  • Application Period: January 18 (Mon) ~ February 7 (Sun) 23:59:59 (UTC+9)
  • Announcement of results: February 10 (Wed)

(Detailed progress schedule is subject to change depending on the circumstances of ZEPETO. Judging will follow the internal standards of ZEPETO team.)


Screening Criteria

  • Appropriateness of topic: Is it suitable for the contest theme, “Sweet Date Map”
  • Completeness: Is the Creator map's completeness (quality) high?
  • Popularity: The number of visitors to the creator map & likes (%)



📝 How to Enter

1. Make a Creator map suitable for a 'sweet date' through build It!

  • Only one account per person can participate.
  • Please include as many 'heart' objects as you can on your Creator map!
  • Using Build It's 'cafe' template makes it easier to build!

2. Publish your Creator map

  • Please publish your map by including both the 'Valentine' and 'Event' keywords (2 types)!


🔍 Eligibility for application

Global Creator



👀 Regulations and policies

-All Creator maps registered in ZEPETO must comply with the judging guide.
Creatormap that do not pass the screening are excluded from the competition, and even after being selected as a winner, your award and prize money can be cancelled.
The copyright for items registered in ZEPETO belongs to the creator.
- ZEPETO or ZEPETO’s domestic and overseas affiliates and affiliates can use it in domestic and international online/offline media for advertisements, public relations, promotions, etc.
ZEPETO can be used in ZEPETO or ZEPETO’s related services without any time or other restrictions for the winning entries (preliminary and final entries of the winning team).
If necessary, ZEPETO may change part or all of the contents of the award-winning work or use it without name.
Submitted entries are not returned, and depending on the results of the judging, there may be no winning entries.

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