January 21, 2021 | Vol 3
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Jan 21 - Cookie Run Jumpsuit✨
Who's the racing champion?
Join the kingdom to receive your GingerBrave Jumpsuit and a bundle of exclusive items! 🎁


Jan 21 - Sapporo Map
Hello to Japan's wonderland: Sapporo. πŸ’Œ
Take a virtual trip to our
Snow Festival filled with winter activities to enjoy with friends! ❄️

#Sapporo #SnowFestival


Jan 22 - Not Shy World + Items
ITZY's NOT SHY MV (Eng Ver.) is out! 🀯
Flex the new outfits and create your own music video in our map!

Watch Teaser


Jan 21 - Duffle Coat + Sock Boots
Duffle coat and sock boots templates have been added!
Create your own trendy coat πŸ§₯


Jan 26 - Gothic Lolita
From head to toe!
Deadly. Fatal. Get ready for dark dress madness


1. Kawaii Pastel Family
See Zepeto

2. When bf does the emoji challenge
See Zepeto

3. "Fashionably Late"
See Zepeto


1. White Crop Cardigan
2. Black Knit Dress
3. Light Wash Denim
4. Black and White Terno
5. Gym Trainers
6. Tube Top + Plaid Skirt

1. Top Model
Use Photobooth

2. Video Call
Use Photobooth

Use Photobooth

πŸ‘‘ Brooklyn Bizzomb πŸ‘‘

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