• If I match the applicant criteria and apply, do I automatically be able to join the ZEPETOR program?
    - The applicant criteria is the bare minimum, and we will begin “reviewing” your application once you have met the criteria. This does not designate receiving the status of a ZEPETOR. 

  • What happens if I do not meet the applicant criteria?
    - If you fail to meet the applicant criteria for the partner program (ZEPETOR program), you may be excluded from the reviewing process. To check if you meet the applicant criteria, please read the CHECKLIST above. 

  • Will my application automatically get reviewed if it fulfills the applicant criteria?
    - Your application can fail to join the ZEPETOR program regardless of it fulfilling the criteria. Please note that the criteria is the minimum threshold in terms of applying.

  • What kind of additional social media accounts can I use to apply?
    - The additional social media account must be a video/audio-based platform. Ex: YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, FB, TikTok.

  • Are only individuals able to apply for the ZEPETOR program?
    - Individual creators, influencers, MCN, studios, and companies are all eligible to apply.

  • Are there any age limits in applying for the ZEPETOR program?
    - You must be over 13  to apply.

  • Can the ZEPETO content(s) we uploaded on our additional social media account be an image/images?
    - The uploaded ZEPETO content must be a video. The ZEPETOR program's mandate is to support creators who create video content through ZEPETO.

  • What happens if our social media account's follower count drops below the criteria after we apply?
    - If your follower count drops below the applicant criteria after you apply, you will be eliminated from the review process.

  • How long is the application review process?
    - It will take approximately 30 days to review your application. We will send you an e-mail once we have finished the process with the results. However, the process might take longer depending on the volume of the applications we receive.

  • Will you give notice if our application gets rejected?
    - If your ZEPETOR application gets rejected, we will send you a notice via e-mail. However, we cannot disclose the reason for the rejection and review process.

  • How long are we active as a ZEPETOR and do we have any mandatory duties?
    - You will be active as a ZEPETOR for 6 months, and your status will be automatically extended as long as you do not express intentions of termination. If you wish to terminate your status, please inform ZEPETO at least a month in advance. We will provide you with the "ZEPETOR Guidebook'', which contains the mandatory duties for a ZEPETOR.

  • Can we reject/give-up the offer to join the ZEPETOR program?
    - You are able to reject/give-up the offer. If you send an e-mail about your rejection, we will give you further notice. However, once you reject/give-up the offer, please note that you will lose the support and benefits that the ZEPETOR program provides and your application will not be reassessed by ZEPETO.