Feb 18, 2021 | Vol 7
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Feb 18 - Calling all Zepeto Creators! πŸ™‹‍♀️
Our global creator program opens today.


Feb 18 - My Favorite Map
Create a video of your favorite World map and receive a reward! πŸŽ₯✨


Feb 19 - CHUNG HA's Bicycle
CHUNG HA's coming to ZEPETO as adorable MINIACHUNG.
Let's dance to her new song 'Bicycle' with items from the music video!


Feb 19 - Casual Wear
Casual layered look and sneaker templates have been added!
Create and sell your very own casual everyday look 🀩

Feb 22 - Pisces Collection
Wear the Pisces collection and dive into our renewed Milky Way world πŸŒ πŸ’«
#Constellation #Pisces #MilkyWay


Feb 26 - ONE PIECE


Sneeze and reveal...
something specialπŸ’₯


What's your #perfectmatch?

Feb 22 - #arigatonya


1. #TakeMyHand
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2. Jump Master!
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3. #myzepetowardrobe
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1. Crop Top Set
2. Red Valentine's Dress
3. Lavender Summer Collection
4. Flower Jumpsuit
5. Black Cami Dress
6. Denim Overall Dress


1. Vigan City, Philippines (NIGHT) (243633E5)

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2. Vatican, St. Peter's Square (446C6F2F)
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1. Celebrity
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2. True Beauty
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3. Take My Hand
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