📢 Regulations and policies



  • All items registered in ZEPETO Studio must comply with the production guide and the judging guide.

  • Items that do not pass the screening are excluded from the competition, and even after being selected as a winner, your award and prize money can be cancelled.

  • Items that already exist on ZEPETO or infringe on the copyrights of others cannot be registered, and the creator is responsible for all legal responsibility.

  • The copyright for items registered in ZEPETO Studio belongs to the creator.

  • ZEPETO or ZEPETO's domestic and overseas affiliates and affiliates can use it in domestic and international online/offline media for advertisements, public relations, promotions, etc.

  • ZEPETO can be used in ZEPETO or ZEPETO's related services without any time or other restrictions for the winning entries (preliminary and final entries of the winning team).

  • If necessary, ZEPETO may change part or all of the contents of the award-winning work or use it without name.

  • The prize money's tax and utlity is paid by the winner, and you can request an ID card and other supporting documents to report the tax and utility bill.

  • In accordance with the Korean Income Tax Law, a 22% tax and utility charge is imposed.

  • Submitted entries are not returned, and depending on the results of the judging, there may be no winning entries.

  • If there is a reason for item disqualification, the winner may be excluded and sales may be discontinued in the future.

  • Cancellation of contest participation or deactivation of submitted items after the registration period is prohibited.